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Selection of the most read articles on our blog by our clients.
There are topics from all the different categories related to the management of a business in which special interest has been shown.

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Several studies have shown that the implementation of an ERP to manage a business increases the productivity of the entire organization, reduces costs and increases profits. In this list of articles on ERP we offer information that facilitates the choice of an ERP for freelancers and SMEs.

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Customer and sales management is one of the most important processes within the company, so having a module dedicated to customer management within the management program or ERP is of vital importance.

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The fastest way to make daily invoices and budgets for thousands of freelancers and SMEs is STEL Order. In addition to helping with our billing program, we also present these articles of great importance to choose a billing program according to your needs and to answer questions about billing in your business.

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Thousands of freelancers and SMEs in the Technical Assistance Services sector have chosen STEL Order to manage their business. Thanks to the SAT module, companies can better manage their preventive and corrective maintenance. In these articles we deal with issues related to professionals in this sector.

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Almost 10 years ago we began to develop STEL Order with the aim of helping thousands of small entrepreneurs around the world to make their business and their lives easier. The truth is that we can say that we are achieving that goal. Here we make a small collection of news related to STEL Order, such as the release of new features and versions.

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