Electronic invoice | What is an electronic invoice?

It has the same legal consequences as a paper invoice, but in electronic format. There are several electronic invoice formats.

It is the same as a regular invoice. It has the same legal consequences as a paper invoice, but in electronic format. They must guarantee the authenticity (of the supplier of goods or services), legibility (that can be read without problem by people) and integrity of the content itself (which guarantees that it has not been modified). For this we use electronic signatures based on a recognized electronic certificate and created by a secure device.


1. Types of electronic invoices

  • Structured format: They can be processed automatically by computer systems. They are usually files in formats such as XML, EDIFACT, etc.
  • Unstructured format: These are usually images, which cannot be processed automatically and must be entered manually in computer systems. They are usually PDF files.


2. Advantages of the electronic invoice

The advantages over the paper invoice are numerous, but the most important are: reduction of human errors, shorter processing cycles, and elimination of sending and printing costs. Another very characteristic advantage is the agile, fast and easy access to our invoice register, improving customer service.


3. What do I need to issue electronic invoices?

Electronic invoices must contain the same information as a paper invoice, such as the personal details of the person who receives and who issues the invoice (taxpayer identification number, name and surname, business name, etc.). In addition, it must also contain the corresponding VAT and personal income tax.

Initially, you need an invoicing software that allows you to create electronic invoices with the technical requirements compatible with the recipient of the electronic invoice, and an electronic signature service provider.


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