Summary invoice | What is it and how is it done?

Summary invoices must fulfil with a number of legal requirements and contain the information required by the Tax Agency.

A summary invoice is a document that groups together several dispatch notes or invoices that have been issued to the same client or supplier, with the same legal value as a regular invoice.


1. How do you make a summary invoice?

It must fulfil certain legal requirements and contain the information required by the Tax Agency. We are required to show the concepts of each dispatch note or invoice for each one of them, along with the amount of each individual document.

A summary invoice includes VAT and, if applicable, the personal income tax, serial number, date of issue, personal details of the issuer and the recipient of the invoice, taxpayer identification number, business name, tax domicile of both, the description of the purchase/sale or service delivery, and the amount to be paid.


2. Requirements to make a summary invoice

In addition to the mandatory information required by the Tax Agency, it is necessary to cancel the invoices included in the summary invoice, although it is important to keep them for 5 years in case the Treasury requests them.


3. When to work with summary invoices?

When we have a recurring billing with a client within a month, and he pays us all the invoices together at the end of this period. In this way, we will only have to send a single document with the information of all of them, without the need to waste time and streamline business processes saving work and time.


4. How to make summary invoices in an invoicing software?


STEL Order as a management software fulfils the necessary conditions to make summary invoices. With STEL Order you can group dispatch notes and invoices in a single document.

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