New version STEL Order: 3.16.1

We have been working on a ton of great features and enhancements in STEL Order for months. We explain the most important ones in the following article.

Projects, a new app for Android and a lot of enhancements to help you in your everyday life.

We have been working on a ton of great features and enhancements in STEL Order for months. We are applying more dynamic methodologies to deliver valuable and quality software in less and less time. As always, we try to meet our clients’ most demanded needs and suggestions.


Index of contents

1- Multiple enhancements and new features to help you in your everyday life.

2- New “Projects” feature for an easy, powerful, and exhaustive control

3- GPS to optimise routes, times and costs

4- Enjoy before anyone else the new version of STEL Order for Android

5- Enhancements and new features in electronic invoicing for Mexico and Chile


1- Multiple enhancements and new features to help you in your everyday life.

Create your invoices and estimates faster with the customer predictive. When creating an incident ticket or any commercial document in the web, after clicking New, just start typing the name of your client so that you can select it with a click or with the cursors. You can even create a new client or potential client quickly with the tab or by clicking the “+” button. You can also select it with the magnifying glass icon as before.

In addition, after selecting it, we automatically move the cursor to the Name field of the first line of the document so that you can continue typing to add products or services quickly.

Clean the filters applied to your listings with one click: We have incorporated a filter control in your listings. Now, when a filter is active in any list, the icon next to “Filter” appears in orange. Click to clear all filters and applied searches and show all items.

Treasury report with details of movements: We have included a list with the details of all the movements that make up the treasury reports to help you carry out a better and more exhaustive control of your collections and payments.

Generated from in your document listings: Now, you can view the column “Generated from” in your lists of invoices and other documents to know from which incident ticket or source document a document has been generated. Use the search engine to locate a document by its source document.

Your clients’ ratings at a glance in the Activity column: We have added the column “Activity” to the list of clients to show their rating at a glance, as well as whether it has attachments. We have also added new filters to filter by rating and whether the client has attached documents.

Copy a document reference with one click: Something very simple and that will surely help you on more than one occasion: now you can copy with a click the reference of a document by clicking on the icon that you will find on the right.

Duplicate incident tickets: Many times, we have similar incident tickets, or we simply want to reopen another one because we have not resolved it yet. One way to help you is that now you can also duplicate incident tickets by just clicking on More > Duplicate. Remember that you can also use the right button to duplicate it from the list.

Something quite simple and that will surely help you on more than one occasion: now you can copy the reference of a document with by just clicking on the icon that you will find on the right.

We have added the @DOCUMENTTYPE@ and @MYLOGO@ tags to help you further customise your email templates.

Now you can also send email templates from the contact list. With one click, inform all your contacts of your promotions or the information you consider.

Default sending options for the PDF of your documents: We have implemented a mechanism so that you can configure the PDF default options for sending invoices and other documents from the web: include images or not, use a specific template, etc. You can customise it for each type of document in Settings > Advanced settings > Emails > Default PDF sending options.

Trade name in clients’ and suppliers’ reports: Now you can also see the trade name in the lists of the different reports by client and supplier, so you can better identify your clients.

Supplier reference in incoming invoices books: We have included a new column with the “Supplier Document Ref.” to help you in your administrative and accounting processes.

Enhancements and new endpoints in the API: More and more developers are using our API to connect STEL Order with other software. We work on it continuously, and in this version, we have included new endpoints to access and manage Events, Calendars and Event types from the STEL Order calendar. For example, thanks to these new endpoints, some of our clients send text messages with appointment reminders to their clients.

2- New “Projects” feature for an easy, powerful, and exhaustive control

We have created a simple, fast, and smart way to help you maximize the profitability of your projects.

As simple as creating a project from scratch or from an estimate or order. From that moment, you simply link incident tickets, estimates, orders, dispatch notes or invoices, as well as suppliers’ dispatch notes and invoices, even in automatic tasks. Everything will appear in the Related section, so that you can take them into account to automatically get profitability reports.

You can also link events and tasks from the calendar, as well as attach photos, audios, and other documents.

You can give your employees permissions so that with the mobile app they can relate the dispatch notes they are making to have daily control of the actual expenses of your projects. With the right button you can also link a document to a project, associating both with one click.

With the catalogue report you will also be able to know at all times, for example, how many labour units or materials you estimated and how many you have finally used for a specific project.

Service, construction, engineering, installation, and project companies can take full advantage of this feature. But also, IT and periodic maintenance companies can use this feature to keep a rigorous control of the profitability of the services they provide.

3- GPS to optimise routes, times and costs

Several of our clients have already used the extra GPS feature for some time to control the routes that their employees follow and optimise time and costs in their mobility processes.

Now you can hire this additional feature directly from the feature browser, at a reasonable price that will surely be more than worthwhile for your company.

With this feature, GPS samples are taken using your employees’ mobile devices, and that allows, among other things:

Knowing the route followed by a worker on a given day.Seeing on the map where documents are created and clients’ signatures are collected. Being able to assign incident tickets and work orders to the closest co-worker. Knowing the position of your employees in real time.

4- Enjoy before anyone else the new version of STEL Order for Android

We strongly invest on offering the best business mobility experience in the market. For this reason, we have the best mobile application developers in our team, who work constantly to make STEL Order apps better every day.

This time, it is an honour to invite you to be the first to enjoy the new version of STEL Order for Android. We have applied the best practices and carried out a deep refactor and migration to new technologies in order to substantially improve the quality, robustness, scalability, maintainability, and security of the app.

5- Enhancements and new features in electronic invoicing for Mexico and Chile

Regarding the issuance of CFDI 3.3 electronic invoices for Mexico, we have included the possibility of applying several advances to the final invoice. To date, it was only possible to apply a single advance for each final invoice.

We also remind you that in previous versions we incorporated multiple enhancements to make your business and your life easier: issuance of REPs for multiple payments, cancellation of REPs, replacement of cancelled CFDIs, issuance of PUE-type invoices for those for which payment has not yet been received, configuration of the IEPS tax, and so on.

Regarding the issuance of DTE electronic tax documents for Chile, the following enhancements have been incorporated:

Inclusion of new CAFs for the issuance of your DTEs: tax-exempt electronic invoices, electronic debit notes, export electronic invoices and tax-exempt electronic receipts.

New procedure for canceling credit notes through the issuance of debit notes, linking both DTEs perfectly.

Possibility of issuing electronic export DTEs, allowing you to fill in all the necessary fields for their correct stamping.

New procedure to cancel waybills.

New consultation procedure to know the status of the DTEs for electronic receipts and tax-exempt electronic receipts.

Lastly, we inform you that we have also been working on the development of the “Multiwarehouse” feature, that you will soon be able to enjoy. We will also surprise you soon with “Shop”, a great new feature that you are going to love and that will help you enormously to continue with your digital transformation process.

We keep on working on STEL Order: the best and most complete platform for managing your business.

We hope you like it!

Alberto Abad

CFO. Ingeniero de telecomunicaciones al que le encanta la contabilidad y fiscalidad. Lidera el desarrollo del programa de facturación líder que hace la vida más fácil a miles de autónomos y pymes.

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