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Technical and maintenance service

STEL Order provides you with an exclusive SAT (Technical Assistance Service) module and is ideal for freelancers and companies that provide services in mobility.

Sales force and distribution

STEL Order is ideal for freelancers, SMEs and companies involved in representation, sales and distribution, as it is an ideal commercial management program that optimizes resources.

Office and other sectors

Professional services companies, consultants, engineers, IT companies, manufacturing companies, designers and marketing agencies… you use STEL Order.

Retailers and stores

Wherever you are, control from your cell phone or computer; sales, cash register, stock and update the price of your products without having to be in your store.

Your management with STEL Order

For the total management of your company

Catalog management

Multiple Warehouses
Stock Control
Online Catalogue
Stock reports

Clientes management

Clients file
Special prices
Client portal
Risk of non-payment

Commercial management

Delivery notes
Customized states


Technicians connected
Assets in customers
Documentary signature

Invoicing management

Recurrent billing
Notification of non-payment
Invoice templates
Electronic invoicing
Invoices and expenses

Projects management

Unlimited projects
Document traceability

Functions of STEL Order ERP

We have all these features and many more!



Stock Control




expense control

Mailing Templates

Acknowledgement of Reading

Signature of Documents


Barcode Reader

User Roles

Customized States


Accounting Transfer

Document Templates

Multiple Calendars

Online Payments

Automatic Tasks

Warranty management

Notification of non-payment


Attract and retain your customers and potential customers


Register contact persons, customers or prospects and always have their balance, status and history of their sales documents at your disposal. Import your customers from a file in one click and start strengthening your business relationships from the first minute.
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Manages B2B or B2C relationships

Segment your customers and set up special priceswith different and personalized sales rates. Set maximum risks of unpaid invoices for each customer, we will notify you when that customer has outstanding invoices above that amount.


You have at your disposal reports on invoicing or incidents per customer, among others. You can filter by customer families, references, dates, products or agents.
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Client portal

Invite your customers to an area where they can have accessto the commercial documents you want or even create incidents. By inviting them to your store, they will be able to shop with the special prices you have preconfigured in your STEL Order.
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Connect is STEL Order’s mailing system. With it you can create email templates and send them in one click to your customers. Notifycustomers in arrears, sendall your estimates that are not yet accepted or receive feedback on your work orders with the feedback widget that will be linked to the document.
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Efficient billing and collections control

Ahorra trabajo administrativo y optimiza el cobro de tus facturas

With the STEL Order mobile app available for iOS and Androidyou can create or consult invoices, estimates or delivery notes from anywhere, even if you are offline.

Collect your invoices online by credit card or PayPal. Notify your customers with one click that they have unpaid invoices.
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The automatic tasksallow you to choose when to start, number of repetitions, type of frequency and even end date with the option to send the automatically created invoice to the client with acknowledgement of reading.

Genera remesas bancarias tipo CORE, COR1 y B2B. Compatible with all banks.

Generate all the accounting entriesof your commercial activities and download the corresponding files for the most used accounting programs.
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Create invoices or any commercial document with your logo and corporate colors. Send the documents with acknowledgement of reading.

Take your maintenance to the next level

Preventive maintenance

Perform preventive maintenance of your client’s assets by configuring when the next intervention will take place, attaching warranties, manuals, photos, audios or videos. Everything will be reflected in the agenda of your employees..
Read more about the SAT module


With the STEL Order mobile app available for iOS and Android you can create or consult invoices, estimates or delivery notes and collect your customers’ signatures from anywhere, even if you are offline..
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Corrective maintenance

Automatically assign incidents to your employee with Inboxso that they can be dealt with as efficiently as possible..
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work orders

Create work orders from anywhere, even if you don’t have internet access. You can add as many attachments as you need, photos, audios, documents and your client’s signature. Invoicing the work order is just one click away!.
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View the status of your incidents by customer, employee or by catalog filtering by status. In addition, you will also be able to consult it together with the estimates, orders or delivery notes related to the incidents.
Read more about Reports


Each employee will have their personalor shared agenda with events or tasks assigned to them with instant notifications. You will be able to create several calendars (personal, professional…), periodic events, tasks or add documents to it.
See more about Agenda

Monetize your projects from the first minute

Create as many projects as you need and track profitability and document traceability in detail.

Obtain a reportof the updated profitability of the project that you can compare with the expected profitability of the project in relation to what was estimated, spent and earned. With maximum detail.
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Link any type of document to your project, such as estimates, orders, delivery notes, sales invoices or purchase invoices.

At a glance you will be able to see all the products, estimates, orders, delivery notes, sales invoices used in the project together with the orders and supplier invoices, filterable by status, reference, with or without taxes.

Attach to the projectthe contractual information or additional conditions. Create events and tasks related to the project that will be reflected in your and your employees’ schedules or categorize the project according to your needs.

Create and strengthen your commercial relationships to sell more and better.

Create as many projects as you need and track profitability and document traceability in detail.

Show yourcatalog of products and services to your customers or make estimates from anywhere with a tablet or mobile even offline. You will be able to consult all the information related to prices, names, descriptions, sales rates, special prices, attachments and the stock of the product in all your warehouses.
See more about Catalog

You will have in the palm of your hand the information of your customers and potential customers. Apply custom filters to the statusof estimates, orders or delivery notes, and consult customers’ fiscal or commercial information as well as their forms of payment, special prices or discounts, associated bank accounts, electronic invoices, contact persons, attachments, balance and the history of documents generated to that customer.
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When a salesperson gets a new sale and closes an estimate, they can immediately convert that estimate into an order with notification to the warehouse staff so they can start preparing it immediately. Once prepared, the follow-up is done by means of the work delivery notes, where you can collect the customer’s signature.

STEL Order allows you to facilitate the work of your administration staff, because when your back-office staff completes a job (whether it is a delivery note, order or estimate), your administration department will be able to generate invoices from up to 500 of these documents, with just one click. In addition, you will also be able to notify your customers in debt with a click of a button reminding you that they have invoices pending to pay you.
See more about our Invoicing Program

With Connect you can create customized email templates with dynamic client data or business documents and unlimited sending. Notify customers in one click and send documents with acknowledgment of reading. All the documents you send can be customized with your logo and corporate color, and you can also add a watermark.
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Consult the reports with all the business data you may need. Customers who buy the most from you, sales reps who sell the most, best-selling products…
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    Frequently asked questions about our ERP

    Who uses the total management of STEL Order?

    From freelancers to SMEs that need to manage all aspects of their business on a single platform. From customer management, invoicing to incident, commercial and project management.

    I want to try it, how can I do it?

    Try STEL Order free of charge in its most complete version. Just create an account by following the “Try it for Free” buttons. The documents you create during your free trial will remain there if you decide to subscribe to the plan you tested.

    How will I learn to use STEL Order?

    During your free trial and subscription, our support team will be there to help you before and during your subscription.

    I have my data in other programs or in a spreadsheet, can I start working with them?

    Yes. You will be able to import data from any program to STEL Order in a simple and intuitive way and continue working with your invoices, estimates, customers and all your business information without having to start from scratch.

    Do I need to hire additional users for my company if we are more than one person?

    You can share your STEL Order username and password with as many people as you want, without restriction. If you want each person who uses STEL Order to be identified, to have their documents or movements recorded, to be able to assign clients or restrict permissions, then you must create a specific user for these people.

    How secure is my data in STEL Order?

    Yes. We use the best security protocols and your data is encrypted in the best servers so that you can access, consult and modify it from anywhere.

    Can I cancel my subscription? What will happen to my data?

    Of course, at any time. Your data is yours from the first minute, before canceling your subscription you will be able to export all the information you need.

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