Transfer to accounting

Generate all the accounting entries for your business activities, and download the corresponding files for the most commonly used accounting programmes.

STEL Order is compatible with A3, Sage, Contaplus, Contasol, Aplifisa, Contages… as well as having a standard Excel file that can be imported into any accounting program.

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What can you do with the STEL Order accounting transfer?

Define your accounting accounts

Define the accounting accounts for your customers, suppliers, for the purchase and sale of your products and services, for your taxes, and for your payment methods and bank accounts.

In addition, you can also update via Excel or CSV all the accounting accounts for products, services, customers and suppliers that you had set up in STEL Order before you started using accounting.

Access Adviser

Forget about sending your advisor lists of invoices, PDFs or photos of your expenses and other accounting information, and focus on growing your business.

Thanks to the STEL Order cloud, your advisor can access your accounting information in real time and completely unattended by you. Never before has communication with your advisor been smoother and more efficient.

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