ERP with purchasing module

Register your suppliers, expenses, receipts and purchase invoices from any web or mobile device.

Control the traceability of commercial documents related to the contracting of services or the purchase of products for your company.

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What can you find inside the purchasing module?

Supplier management

STEL Order’s purchasing management module allows you to carry all your suppliers’ commercial information with you at all times and access it at any time and place.

Consult from the web, mobile or tablet the orders pending receipt, returns to suppliers, delivery notes pending invoicing and invoices pending payment.

You know at all times what material you are due to receive and when you are expected to receive it, as well as when your next payments are due.

Supplier orders

Manage your company’s purchase order lines, with personalised statuses and the document traceability of STEL Order, with detailed online control on the web and mobile.

It controls the purchasing processes and automatically generates the references of each order line. Automatically create recurring orders from each supplier, without the need to create them one by one.

You can have different models of documents for each order, incorporating the information required by each supplier company you have.

Send orders to all your suppliers at once with a single click.

Unify all the weekly orders you send to your suppliers into a single monthly delivery note, saving time and money.

Delivery notes to supplier

Organise and generate delivery notes for all your suppliers. Never before has it been so easy to create a commercial document and sign it from your mobile phone.

Update purchase rates at the touch of a button and keep your stock under control in a simple way without losing documentation.

With STEL Order, you can generate different types of delivery notes, with the customised statuses that best suit the way your company works.

Create recapitulative invoices of several delivery notes and save time and resources, always keeping a documentary traceability and with an automatic control of the products we have in our warehouse.

Prints or sends valued or unvalued delivery notes, with all the fiscal and bank details necessary for invoicing.

Supplier invoices

Issue purchase invoices at any time and from any web or mobile device for the products or services you contract for your business.

Create multiple invoices by grouping the delivery notes of your suppliers with the reference of your choice, and generate automatic tasks for recurring invoicing of your suppliers.

Make time-saving purchases by sending supplier invoices in bulk with a single click.

Supplier receipts

Control payment confirmations received from your company and improve commercial purchasing operations with STEL Order, wherever you are.

With its mobile application, you control the integral management of your business from the palm of your hand, saving time and resources in managing your company.

Make partial payments of vendor receipts and reflect them within your ERP software. All receipts are automatically created when invoices are created based on the due date we have set on the invoice.

Filter on your mobile or on the web those bills you want to see at a glance, such as overdue bills or uncollected bills.

Tickets and other expenses

It records other types of expenditure than invoices.

In addition, you can record other types of expenses that are not invoices: receipts, payroll, social security, self-employed, vehicle insurance, personal income tax, etc.

Know their payment status and classify them by the categories you set up.

Invoice receipt book

Send your advisor your incoming invoice book.

You don’t have to send your advisor any more paper or scanned invoices. It will be sufficient to send your purchase invoice book in excel or PDF format, showing all the invoices received, with all the information your advisor needs: customer, reference, VAT number, taxable base, and tax summary.

Send to your advisor also in excel or PDF format the list of payments associated to each invoice, with the date, amount paid and payment method… Everything your advisor needs to fulfil your accounting obligations!

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