Multiple Warehouses

Reduce administrative tasks, achievemore agility in inventory managementand a higher level of customer satisfaction.

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Optimizing your warehouse processes, improving your business efficiency and rentability

Stock controlof all your warehouses

Guarantees the documentary traceabilityof the movements and transfers of stock in your warehouses.

Improve demand forecasts, controlling the entries, exits and location changes of your products.

Facilitates communications between employees when it comes to knowing the actual stock of the warehouses or work vans of the company, from any mobile device or PC.

Stock transfers between warehouses

Add a competitive advantage to your business, offering an agile service to your customers, effectively managing all the logistic processes of storage.

Coordinate the warehouse transfer processes, and centrally manage the movements of all your products, materials and equipment in your company.

Know the stock available in your warehouses with STEL Order, wherever you are.

Stock transfers between stores and vans

STEL Order automates and optimizes the stock management of your local stores or vans.

Generate documents with traceability of transfers between your main warehouse to your employees’ vans or different stores of your business.

Make the transfers, from your PC or cell phone, indicating the warehouse of origin, warehouse of destination, list of products and units that you are transferring.

Choose in a single document the corresponding movementsin the different warehouses automatically. Indicate from which warehouse, store or van, each of the products you sell or install to your customers leaves.

Stock movement reports

Warehouse management system to control stock at a glance.

Keep track of inventory and available products, consult the history of incoming and outgoing movements by product and by warehouse, know at all times the location and traceability of the flow of your items.

Warehouse management program with total mobility in stock management with the APP (Android and iOS) of STEL Order, manage as many warehouses as you need from your PC, mobile or tablet.

Control of permissions of the different warehouses

Manage and coordinate the operations performed by your employees in all the warehouses of your company.

Assign personalized permissions to your employees, independent of each other, to view, modify or transfer stock.

An employee can use a certain warehouse (add and transfer products), and another employee can simply view the stock available in that warehouse, but cannot make any movements.

Simplify your business management with STEL Order

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