Partnership Program Terms and Conditions


Partners are obliged to promote and prescribe STEL Order’s Software according to the terms and conditions laid out within the following document. This document does not offer any exclusivity to the involved parties in agreement. Partners cannot be considered, under any circumstance, as a STEL representative and cannot act or compromise under their name. Partners will act at all times under their own name and of their own accord.



Services will be provided according to the following terms and conditions:

The Partner will be obliged to maintain confidentiality on all information provided by STEL during and for the execution of their operations.

STEL will respond with the quality of service of STEL Order with the required diligence of a company specialized in developing and promoting software.

The Partner will respond to any damages and issues that affect STEL and the requests of any third parties that are a direct cause of the mistakes of The Partner, their personnel or their own lack of diligence.

STEL will be responsible for any technical assistance and The Partner will be responsible for the commercial assistance focused on sales to end users as well as distributors and re-sellers.

The Partner must instruct and train their personnel to carry out appropriate demonstrations and explanations of how STEL Order works.

The subscription to STEL Order will be done directly by the client through the application itself or the accessible web from

STEL will offer the necessary technical means that will allow the identification of any subscription, and to link it to The Partner that carried out the recommendation from their own personal Control Panel, which can be found in the site

The identification of The Partner and the payment for the service on behalf of the referred client will provide a 15% commission of the net worth of the amount generated by the referred client, relative to all of the recurring invoicing made to said clients, during a period of 5 years. The commission payment will be carried out monthly after The Partner has sent an invoice to STEL. Once the referred clients up the 100 by The Partner, The Partner will earn a commission of 20% of the net volume of the business generated by his clients.

The Partner will be able to use the brand, commercial name and logos belonging to STEL Order solely for the purpose of promoting and creating publicity for the service, in accordance with the Ley de Marcas 17/2001 of the 7th of January. The Partner does not have any right to own or use the brand, commercial name or logos for any other purpose and will  preserve the right of STEL over these.

The duration of this relationship on behalf of both parties will be of (1) year with an automatic renewal of the same amount of time since the time of the agreement. Both parties will be able to end the relationship, the only minimum requirement being a written communication with at least 15 days in advance.

The Partner will only earn commission during the time of this relationship.



For the resolution of any controversies or related questions to this relationship, the Spanish legislation will be applied, specifically the Codigo Civil, the Codigo de Comercio and other applicable laws and regulations that are applicable to commercial relationships overseas between companies, renouncing any other type of applicable legislation.

Similarly, both parties will be subjected to the Spanish arbitration laws and to try and resolve any questions or issues between each other in the first instance by means of negotiation. Regardless, both parties will renounce to any other jurisdiction other than the Tribunales de Murcia.

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