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You and your friends will save money on your STEL Order bill. Get a 20% discount for each friend you invite and your friends will receive a 10% discount when you sign up.

How does it work?

1. Join

Join now and start running your business in a smart way. Put your business in automatic mode and create quotes, delivery notes and invoices in two clicks. You can also display your entire catalogue and sign delivery notes even if you don’t have coverage.

2. Share

Log in to your STEL Order’s Rewards Club dashboard to copy your Friend link. You have at your disposal an email template that you can share with all your contacts in one click. You can also implement it in your email and on your website to benefit from the conditions.

3. Earn

Your friend receives 10% discount for registering with your STEL Order’s Rewards Club link. And you get 20% discount! You can accumulate up to 75% discount on your next bill and if you go over, we will accumulate it for your next bill.

Become a FREE partner and earn recurring revenue

Accumulate cumulative discounts of 20% for each new friend you invite to STEL Order who signs up through your Rewards Club link. Your friend will also receive a 10% discount and you will accumulate up to a total of 75% on your next bill. If you have exceeded this discount percentage, we will respect it so that on your next invoice you can continue to invite friends and create new friendships.

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